E-book Marketing by the Numbers

ebook sales Discussion and analysis of the future of Indie publishing is a hot topic for authors, publishers, editors and designers. The term, Indie publishing, has become synonymous with electronic books, although the lion’s share of sales still belongs to print at about 80% of total sales. A lot of effort and analysis has been placed on marketing techniques, best-sellers and break-out formulas.

Within the e-market itself there is advice on “what may work” but not a lot of useful statistics for the Indie author to use in order to make production decision. For you, dear reader, that is going to change today. Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, has released his second survey on eBook sales. He analyzed a variety of factors from the $12 million dollars in eBook sales and about 200k units. In his analysis, he includes some interesting numbers on book pricing, word count, earnings and title length. Like any survey, an author still must determine how those finding may or may not work for his or her novel, but they are food for thought, none the less.

As a marketing professional, I have been working with my team to create more “info-graphics” – the latest rage in visual information marketing. I thought the Smashwords survey would be an excellent opportunity to try my hand at creating one. (At least my marketing team will know that I share their pain). In addition, I’ve included a link to the Mr. Coker’s full report. If you’d like a full png or jpeg copy please email me at

Smashwords infographic Survey


Link to the Smashwords Survey

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    • David – unbelievably Mark Coker actually tweeted the info graphic LOL. Yes, I am taking a little time off from Novel 3 to work on my latest web series…but that still seems to leave a ton of energy for blog posting…go figure.

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