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Ghoulish Guests: Raymond Esposito’s Five Favorite Movie Monsters

Each Halloween Season, Steve, over at Anti-Film School is kind enough to ask me to write a guest post on horror movies. This year it’s my spin on my favorite monsters. Even if you don’t read the post, you should check out Anti-Film Schools excellent, straight-forward reviews on horror movies. I usually stop there before I hit “play” on Netflixs.

Anti-Film School

Of Gods and Monsters

Mankind is a tenacious creature. All that he sees he ultimately masters. Cities rise and fall only to be replaced by more grand places, mysteries of nature are unraveled though technology and mathematics, and even the constraints of gravity has not held him earthbound. We create and destroy in equal measure, love and hate with equal passion, and the reaches of our intellect is bound only by the depths of our imaginations. Even the natural order which divides our world into shares of light and darkness succumbs to Man’s artificial light. And this is the most telling of all Man’s attributes. That of all things, the one thing Man cannot eliminate is his ancient fear of the monsters that dwell in the dark.

Mankind had monsters before he had gods. There in the darkness of his caves where he imagined the beasts that made the sounds…

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