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Coffee Chat Discussion of The Devil’s Hour

devil's hour medium

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting Easy Reader for proprietor Lynda Dietz and her co-host, author S.K Anthony’s regular series Coffee Chat. Not your run of the mill type of interview because at Coffee Chat you just never really know where things are going to go until they get there. As I said over in the comments section—Coffee Chat may be an asylum, but the inmates provide a very nice guided tour. So whether you want a laugh, to be a quiet observer of the lunacy, or just want to hear more about my new novel, The Devil’s Hour (and grab up a free copy), take a virtual walk over and have a read.



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  1. Lunacy? What lunacy? None of the voices in my head agree with that part…
    Oh, thanks for my personal demonic clown, by the way. I turned him into a BFF by sharing some of my chocolate-flavored coffee with him. I’m nothing if not a survivor.

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