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F is for Fire


God rests in reason and creates in passion, wrote Kahil Gibran in The Prophet. I think the same can be said for most of us and for writers in particular. The thoughts, the plans, the considerations of life all done in the quiet reasoning of our minds, but it is the passions that move us to creation. The passion is the fire.

Fire is something I have no shortage of, if one gives any credit to the teachings of astrology. I have three “fire” signs in my chart – Aries as a Sun sign, Moon is Leo and Sagittarius rising. If one dismisses such things, the fire is still evident by my approach to the things that draw my attention. When I set my mind to something it pretty much looks like a firestorm to those who witness it. Sometimes that is for the good and sometimes that is for the not-so-good as when I decide to “burn it all down.”

I don’t believe in a lukewarm approach. My attitude is that you are either all in or not in at all. And I love impossible situations because what is to gain in the easy win? To quote Marcus Aurelius, Fortune Favors the Bold. In a recent conversation with my youngest son (he’s 18) he shared with me the youth strategy to communicating with a potential “love” interest.

“You have to take it slow,” he explained. “Can’t look too interested, so you have to go easy on the communication.”

“I have heard of such things,” I laughed.

“You don’t agree?” he asked.

“No I don’t —fortune favors the bold,” I replied. “When I see something I want I go for it. When I find someone I like, I am all in. Ask your step-mom. I don’t pursue love interests with stealth.”

“What if you find out she isn’t interested?”

“Then I’ve saved a lot of time, haven’t I? But for certain there will never be any confusion as to my intentions.”—The next day he had lunch with the young lady.

That’s how I live my life—it doesn’t suggest a hectic or crazy pace. My life has plenty of serenity and relaxation. But my passions always get my full attention. And writing is my passion. I won’t write books based on successful formulas, only on stories I want to write regardless of the popularity of the genre. I won’t write on topics that don’t move me—the content needs to be extreme situations, dangerous conditions, and the big questions in life. Whether or not that all transfers to the page is upon the reader to decide.

For me, there is a fire at the heart of the written work. Without that fire, I wouldn’t find a need to write at all.

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  1. There you go – I’m a water sign, and I prefer the slow and steady approach. Not that there isnt fire in the writing – just not in the winning of long-term relationships!
    Short-term, that’s another thing 😉
    Great blog!
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

    • Jemima, well we are talking about passion LOL. But yes, my wife is a water sign and I may have gotten the ball rolling, but I give her patiences and understanding the long-term credit 🙂 I’m kind of like a kitten with a toy…it’s helpful to keep rotating the shiny objects to keep me engaged LOL.

  2. I had to look this up and found out I’m a water sign (no surprise since I’m Pisces) but thought it was funny that I’m best paired with an earth person, which is what my hubby is. The even funnier part is that we’re also supposedly the perfect match on the Chinese calendar too (I’m a snake and he’s a rooster).

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