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The Perfect Book


Although I would hardly suggest that any author engage in “formula” writing or that we write to “trends”–there is something to be said for understanding the things that work and don’t work in publishing. Fortunately there are plenty of really smart people doing the math for us. My infographic “The Perfect Book” provides an overview of some of the statistics on the best-selling books. Credit for the numbers goes to Mark Coker’s hard work over there at Smashwords and to Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer, who provides great insights on formatting and design.


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  1. I’m always amazed at how many readers mention formatting among the list of book woes in their reviews. I’m not sure I ever thought about it that much, but with the advent of the ebook, there is a noticeable difference if the formatting is “off” in some way. Of course you know how I feel about editing, so I won’t belabor that point.

    I’ve shared this on Facebook and Google+ in the hopes that more authors read it and take it to heart. Book covers DO matter. Editing DOES matter. Web presence DOES matter. I’m glad you’re one of the authors who realizes the importance of these things and acts on it!

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