Romance v Horror: Prelude to Battle


Heart made of fire, heart in flames, the fire in the shape of heart

Romance fans, they can’t imagine the attraction of Horror. Horror fans grow queasy over the endless pages of romantic entanglements. Neither side believes the other gets close to reality. An interesting dynamic, since both represent the base emotions of fear and attraction. Each, in their own way, contemplate the larger questions; the purpose of life, the interplay of relationships when the stakes are highest, the new world beyond a particular life horizon. Stories about life, love, loyalty, and death.

I’m a dark fiction author—horror is only a part of what I write. S.K. Anthony is an Urban Fantasy author—romance is only a part of what she writes. So we thought…”hey wouldn’t we be the best pundits to discuss that age old debate—Romance or Horror, which best reflects the “real” world.

And then we thought, “hmm, wouldn’t it be great to have such a complex discussion on video.”

And then… “and what if during the discussion we were only “mostly” sober?”

Since I seldom need much of an excuse to have a few drinks and need even less motivation to chat with a smart, cutie like S.K. Anthony…I was definitely in. That I can bash Romance novels a bit (all in good fun, of course)…well that’s just an added plus.

So please join us in our new After Dark Video Series: Romance v Horror, which premiers this week both here and on S.K.

To kick it all off, we’ve put together an “epic” video trailer so viewers know what they’re in for, which you can check out here.

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