Writers After Dark: Romance v Horror

Romance v Horror

Once upon a time I didn’t understand the whole “writers coalition” stuff—things like conferences, meet-ups, workshops, etc. Writing seemed a solitary endeavor and those “other” things a distraction. Then I wandered in to the blog world…and Good Reads. I discovered how much more enriching (and fun) the entire “author/blogger” gig was when you joined a community of people with similar passions.

At the time of my epiphany I was blogging on Nightmirrors, but I had this new vision. I started Writing in a Dead World with the intent of greater shared content…things like Indie Author Interviews and Blogger Insights. I didn’t want to just “write” about things…I wanted to “discuss” things. Discussions, however, require more than one voice…two is better…three is better-er…and different voices enhance the topics.

Writers After Dark isn’t a “new” idea per se. It’s one part Blogger Insights, one part IAI, and two parts Fireball whiskey. What is different is the move from behind the keyboard to in front of the camera.

Which brings us to thirty, not-too-serious,  minutes of discussion on the contentious Romance v Horror debate with my lovely and talented co-host S.K. Anthony. It contains a few laughs, some chair-dancing, and the minimum required thoughtful insights….and, of course…shots.

Writers After Dark:

Romance v Horror

Episode one: Stranger Than Life

Here’s the link, if you’d like to share:

Writers After Dark on YouTube

And in keeping with the philosophy that two is better and more is better-er, SK and me have plans for our future episodes to include bringing in other authors and bloggers, reading viewer email, and adding prizes, giveaways and promotions.

And there’s more!

In our next episode, we discuss the differences between horror and romance in two films:



Dracula (1992)

Have opinions on these films? Want to help me win the horror side of the battle?

Email us at

Be warned:

Your hilarious opinions will be read aloud,  along with your name and website!

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  1. Just throw me under the bus. So I send that book to “everyone”? lol I had ONE copy and you now own it, for better or for worse, baby. I love this video for so many reasons. Great job!

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