Author Interviews

IAIBefore we were authors, we were avid readers. I may have been inspired by authors such as King, Straub, Koontz, and Layman…but that inspiration was only possible because someone, somewhere, took a chance on these writers and got their work to print.

Today’s next great author faces a different world. The possibilities are endless, but the road to discovery is challenging. I may never be a best-seller, but the satisfaction of having a venue for my work is enough to feed my commitment to write.

That venue, however, exists for only as long as there is a reader’s desire for independent authors. The success of any Indie author is a success for all Indie authors. I believe the best thing we can do as Indie authors is to support our fellow authors. This benefits not only the business of writing, but ensures a diversity of quality written works, not regulated or determined by a handful of “experts” who are confined by economics to publish only the next thing that looks like the last thing.

That is why I am devoting both my time and this space to interviews with Indie authors. A place for you to learn about them, about their journey, and maybe even to support their work.

Interview with R.S. Novelle

Interview with J. Lincoln Fenn

Interview with Sunshine Somerville

Interview with Michelle Muckley

Interview with Armand Rosamillia

Interview with Marie Crow

Interview with Richard Thomas

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