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Price Matters

  Price Matters – The 5 Mistakes I Made with My First Novel The eBook business has provided writers with the ability to take some liberties on the use of the term “novel.” Traditionally, a novel is defined, at least in part, by word count. On average 70 […]

A Self-Editor Be Not Be

 The 5 Mistakes I Made with My 1st Novel (Part 2 of 5) I’ll make the point right up front in case you want to skip the rest. An author cannot edit their own work. It is impossible. You will never see every mistake, in fact you’ll miss […]

Good Intentions Make Bad Books

Let’s be honest. When most writers think of editing, they mean grammar, spelling and the occasional sentence that has gone astray. Those are mechanical issues that are easy to evaluate. When our stories are reviewed we can’t wait to hear how much the “reader” loved it. If we […]