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The Efficiency Obstacles of Self Editing

A decade ago surveys suggested that 80% of Americans planned to write a novel. The advent of e-publishing has offered many the opportunity to realize the dream. Unfortunately, just because you can self publish doesn’t mean that you should self published. I am not suggesting that content and […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Expectations

Somewhere between the dream of a best-seller and the reality of the sales challenges that writers face, is the process of marketing. Whether trade published or independent, carving out a market share for our work is the most difficult and daunting of tasks. Many Indie writers, faced with […]

Are Free eBooks a Good Idea?

There is little doubt, based on the statistics, that “free” books are an excellent way for an author to gain exposure and potential fans. Smashwords analysis reveals that “free” books receive 92 times more downloads than those with costs. So if your goal is “fame” then giving away […]

Are You Too Smart to Write Fiction?

People read fiction for enjoyment. The experience of going to another place or time and being drawn into a story. Fiction is not the same experience as say reading a textbook or Plato’s Republic. While we can certainly learn something about the world or ourselves on that journey […]