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Writers After Dark: Romance v Horror

Once upon a time I didn’t understand the whole “writers coalition” stuff—things like conferences, meet-ups, workshops, etc. Writing seemed a solitary endeavor and those “other” things a distraction. Then I wandered in to the blog world…and Good Reads. I discovered how much more enriching (and fun) the entire […]

Romance v Horror: Prelude to Battle

  Romance fans, they can’t imagine the attraction of Horror. Horror fans grow queasy over the endless pages of romantic entanglements. Neither side believes the other gets close to reality. An interesting dynamic, since both represent the base emotions of fear and attraction. Each, in their own way, […]

7 Reasons Free eBooks Hurt the Industry

  Free eBooks appear as an excellent tool to introduce a new author, build a reader audience, and obtain reviews. In fact this practice has, over the past three years, become the primary marketing tool for Indie Authors. “Free” however can create economic issues for an industry and […]