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The Perfect Book

Although I would hardly suggest that any author engage in “formula” writing or that we write to “trends”–there is something to be said for understanding the things that work and don’t work in publishing. Fortunately there are plenty of really smart people doing the math for us. My […]

7 Reasons Free eBooks Hurt the Industry

  Free eBooks appear as an excellent tool to introduce a new author, build a reader audience, and obtain reviews. In fact this practice has, over the past three years, become the primary marketing tool for Indie Authors. “Free” however can create economic issues for an industry and […]

Smashwords – 2013 Year in Review

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Smashwords and the work that Mark Coker and team have done to help authors. Although I also love Amazon, I believe that Smashwords offers excellent free services, an exceptionally generous royalty program, and makes the entire publication process about […]