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Motivation is Overrated

Inspiration has a flippant sister named Motivation. Sometimes she comes around, sometimes she doesn’t, and really who can blame her sporadic appearances? She does receive all the blame for the things left undone…or at least her absence does. I had motivation on my mind for the past couple […]

A Writer’s Power to Change the World

We may think it’s hyperbole when a person says, “I love that book.” Many believe “love” is something reserved for human interactions—with the noted exception of animals and pets. We understand, or think we understand, that loving a book or a movie isn’t the same as loving a […]

3 Things That Will Un-Do You Every Time

A well-known secret of success is the acceptance that failure is often an initial ingredient. Students of success stories invariably come upon the maxims “try and try again,” and “there is no failure except the failure to try.” It almost makes failure sound like a good thing. One […]

Willpower: It’s Not What You Think

With just a little over 7 weeks remaining in the year, many people are loath to give thought to all the shiny resolutions they made last January—well at least the one’s we conveniently forgot around March. But, let bygones be bygones I say. Why bother lamenting—the past is […]

Deleting the Best Part of You

“Every dream, every possibility, and every journey –real or imagined – begins with two words, “what if…” You know I’m only here so we could talk. So pull up a chair and sit down because we have much to discuss. “What?” you ask. Well, everything really. Hopes, dreams, […]