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The Digital Age: Redefining Real

Once upon a time, the only people we would ever meet or really come to know, were those who lived in the places we lived. Relationships were limited by geography. Much like it still is in Rhode Island (LOL) The digital age, or better stated, the age of […]

On Being a Rebel and a Writer

Would I sell out to traditional publishing? Hmm, if there were a decent payday…I might. Although I’d probably hate it. They have rules. They have practices of acceptability…that’s PRACTICES OF ACCEPTABILITY (turn up nose, place hand lovingly on Miss Primm’s Snobbish Guide  To Acceptable Behavior for Authors.) In […]

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Travel, sports cars, fine dining, and beautiful counter-agents aside, the downside to being an undercover operative is it often takes you away from blogging. Okay, so maybe I’m making that up, but not all of it—I’m sure undercover operatives have little time for blogging—just the part about me […]

Early Reflections of Fatherhood

My wife and I have a blended family — her three daughters, my two sons that became our five children. Whenever I consider bitchin’ about my day, I simply and fondly recall raising five teens and my complaints magically disappear. We have, for the most part, successfully launched […]

2014: The Lessons of Effortlessness

In the American culture we have an ideal—Hard work is the secret to success. We are a society that prides itself on this ideal. “Busy” is a good thing. “Multi-tasking” a talent. Long work weeks a badge of honor. “Working vacations” are a sign of dedication. We even […]