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Reviews—writers love them and hate them in equal measure. Reviews share many things in common with Christmas presents…or birthday presents. On the surface, they are an exciting prospect and just getting one is a joyful experience—that exhilarating moment between knowing you’ve received one and actually reading the reader’s […]

Inspiration and the Muse

People always ask writers the wrong question. They want to know “where do you get these story ideas?” And we respond with answers that we believe might make some sense to the non-writer. Answers, that we hope, don’t reveal the subtle lunacy of our thoughts. Responses that might […]

A mile in their shoes

I’m an opinionated guy, but I can keep my ego in-check long enough to willingly admit, that like most people, emotion can be the platform from which I jump to conclusions. I do, however, make it a practice to “step outside” myself and rationally and reasonably evaluate those […]

A Writer’s Power to Change the World

We may think it’s hyperbole when a person says, “I love that book.” Many believe “love” is something reserved for human interactions—with the noted exception of animals and pets. We understand, or think we understand, that loving a book or a movie isn’t the same as loving a […]

The Elevation of Elocution

Every writer speaks two versions of their native language. Every reader understands two versions of their native language. One is our written language, the other is spoken. Often the things that sound beautiful in our mind, sound awkward on our tongue. As a writer, I think of written […]

The New Writing In A Dead World

Writers tend to have diverse interests. As an author, a writer may choose a particular genre from which to construct his or her stories—mine lean toward Dark Fiction—but as a blogger most writers have many topics, thoughts, and ideas that fascinate and that could make their way to […]