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A Writer’s Public Journey

Basketball coach, John Wooden wrote: It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts. It’s the greatest of temptations to believe our experience has made us wise, to marvel at our knowledge, to claim the mantle of “expert.” Writers can’t submit to those temptations or […]

Amazon v Hachette: An Indie Perspective

Let’s be honest for a few minutes. There are two types of self-published authors(SPAs). In the first group are those who enjoy the spirit of “going it on their own.” Authors who want to write and publish and who place little value on the affirmations of a “publisher.” […]

7 Reasons Free eBooks Hurt the Industry

  Free eBooks appear as an excellent tool to introduce a new author, build a reader audience, and obtain reviews. In fact this practice has, over the past three years, become the primary marketing tool for Indie Authors. “Free” however can create economic issues for an industry and […]

Being an Indie Author: How hard can it be?

Once upon a time an author needed a notebook, pen, a dictionary, and a typewriter. Those are, after all, the critical tools of a writer. Today it’s a little different and many times, when asked—how’s the writing coming along—the answer is a bit complicated although most Indie writers […]

10 Things Every Indie Author Learns

  Once upon a time an author was an amazing, respected and mostly private person. To be an author required a rite of passage that included a degree in English (or language of origin) and a journey of acceptance through an agent and a publisher. When they put […]

Frantic Behavior and Why I Like the Jackson 5

If you’re involved in the book publishing world, be it as author or support service, you have probably noticed that these are very exciting times filled with dramatic changes. With any change comes predictions, speculations, manic highs, depressing lows, and general increases in anxiety. Certainly there is no, […]