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Name Thy Chapters

 Name Thy Chapter – Part 9 of the Right that Novel Series A writer must do some things for his reader, she must do some things in the name of marketing, and some things are just required for the craft. For example, if you are penning fiction you […]

Are you cliche?

 Are you cliché? Part 8 of Right the Novel   Are you a cliché? Just a caricature of exaggerated traits and quirks? Are you so un-unique that people can’t tell you apart from say a sofa or house plant. Probably not. You are a dynamic individual who shares […]

Easter Eggs and Hidden Themes

Easter Eggs and Hidden Themes – Part 7 of the Right That Novel Series A truly unique plot line is difficult, if not impossible to find let alone create. Actually, writing something so “new” and “unique” may be a great literary achievement, but as with most such achievements, […]

Emotions in Motion

 Emotions in Motion – Part 5 of Right that Novel   Up until now we’ve only discussed “getting to your desk,” turning a process into a habit, and of creating an atmosphere to inspire action. And while those are the most difficult aspects of the actual writing, they […]

An Object in Motion

  An Object in Motion – Part 4 of Right that Novel!   A law in physics states that “an object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force.” This is true of human actions as well. 40% of your […]

Nothing Happens for a Reason

 Nothing Happens for a Reason (Part 3 of Right That Novel) They say that “everything happens for a reason.” Perhaps that is true, but in my experience many things happen for no reason at all – they just happen. Or at least they happen through forces we never […]

It Can’t Be Done!

 It Can’t Be Done – Part 2 of Right that Novel Series The moment I stated that you could write your novel in six months you might have gotten either angry, scared or defensive. If any of those emotions were your response it is probably because you’ve been […]