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Heads I Win…Tails You Lose

So here’s a surprise: Exclusive, one-sided contracts lead to disappointment. Lately you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an article about the disappointment authors are experiencing with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Well not all authors…just Indie Authors. If you’re not familiar with the Kindle program, I’ll give […]

Amazon v Hachette: An Indie Perspective

Let’s be honest for a few minutes. There are two types of self-published authors(SPAs). In the first group are those who enjoy the spirit of “going it on their own.” Authors who want to write and publish and who place little value on the affirmations of a “publisher.” […]

The Perfect Book

Although I would hardly suggest that any author engage in “formula” writing or that we write to “trends”–there is something to be said for understanding the things that work and don’t work in publishing. Fortunately there are plenty of really smart people doing the math for us. My […]

7 Reasons Free eBooks Hurt the Industry

  Free eBooks appear as an excellent tool to introduce a new author, build a reader audience, and obtain reviews. In fact this practice has, over the past three years, become the primary marketing tool for Indie Authors. “Free” however can create economic issues for an industry and […]

Ratings, Reviews, and Reader Rants

  The one thing independent publishing has provided the industry is a torrent of discussions on reviews. Everything from “does a free book impact the review” to “is there any truth in 5 star ratings.” It’s on this last topic that I shall opine. Some readers contend that […]

E-Books: The Swell has Ended

Sixty years ago there was a strong belief that the arrival of “television” marked the end of radio. Television did change the entertainment landscape, but radio continues today as a very big business. Less than five years ago there was a strong belief that ebooks marked the end […]

Is 99 Cents the New Normal?

There is little chance that publishing ever returns to the “dark” golden age. The very fact that there are discussions about Indie author book quality suggests that for good or for bad it is here to stay. Attention always dictates longevity. Plus, there is revenue to be earned, […]