Often I am inspired on a topic that feels best served by a more poetic examination. This index provides links to my essays on a variety of topics related to life, death and writing.

The Authenticity of Writing – There are few career choices as authentic as that of a writer. It requires a passion that is fueled almost entirely from one’s own internal motivation. In the early years, that period when development occurs, when style emerges, when genre is chosen, the writer operates with little feedback and with almost no social validation. Read More

Unrequited Love and the Loss of a Writing Hero – By the time I discovered Stephen King in the summer of 1980, he was preparing to publish his sixth novel, Fire Starter. I was already a horror fan. I had grown up on the television variety of horror like Creature Feature and Chiller and enjoyed the age of satanic horror movies Read More

These Ghosts Sing Bittersweet – Why do you write? Because of these things that I see. Visions and scenery that become kaleidoscopes of color and textures. Because I see the splendour in this world. The great heights of joy and the deepest darkness of despair. Read More

Don’t Write That! – Horror fans, be it books or films, are some of the most difficult people to please. Most “non-horror” folks rely on misconceived perceptions of the genre to shelve it under, “I don’t like all that blood and guts stuff.” Which is what horror is and which, of course, is what horror is not. Read More

The Aunt Who Taught Me About God – My Aunt Marilyn passed away this weekend. It reminded me that in our busy worlds, too often, we only think about the impact that people have on our lives after they are gone. I am as guilty of it as the next person. Her passing reminded me of many things we had shared, some directly and some indirectly. Read More

On being a dark fiction writer – I guess if I wanted to have a fair chance of making a living as a writer, I would pen crime stories or perhaps romance for they sell in high numbers. The problem is that I don’t want to be a “writer” I just want to tell stories. And with very few exceptions, the stories I tell reflect my passion for the Horror genre. Read More

The Legacy of Art – A little over a century ago, Native American Indian tribes and specifically those of the Pacific Northwest, were reluctant to have their picture taken or a portrait painted. They believed that such “photographs” would steal one’s soul. I believe they were partially correct. Artwork, of any type, takes with it a piece of the artist’s soul…Read More

In the Land of Public Religion – Writing Time is Sparse – When one decides to pen a “writing” themed blog, one must be prepared for creativity. If I had the foresight to call my blog, Raymond’s Random Thoughts, there would exist an enormous idea pool from which to draw my articles. I went with writing, so I feel a responsibility to maintain the theme. I suppose the challenge provides…Read More

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