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Once upon a time, an author’s sole responsibility was to write. Today, the influx of writers into the market requires an author to become an expert in marketing. In order to rise above the noise in order to be discovered an author must employ strategies that work, try new techniques, and be aware of the latest trends in courting readers.

This index provides links to articles on the subject of book marketing and book marketing trends.

Paid Reviews Injure Puppies and Tear the Moral Fabric of Literature –  love the topic of paying for review services. In writers forums such as Goodreads it is met with a hailstorm of commentary against the practice. The general voiced consensus is that paying for reviews is tantamount to the greatest of cardinal sins. I say voiced for a reason. Paid for reviews are a lot like porn…Read More

Social Platforms: Proclamations are not Interactions – According to everyone with a keyboard, the secret to author success is a social platform. You build followers, fans, an email database, and then people buy your book. It appears like good advice because those who succeed have often used the formula. Of course, in truth it’s not true. For all the advice on building social platforms… Read More

Are Free e Books a Good Idea? There is little doubt, based on the statistics, that “free” books are an excellent way for an author to gain exposure and potential fans. Smashwords analysis reveals that “free” books receive 92 times more downloads than those with costs. So if your goal is “fame” then giving away your work is certainly the quickest path to exposure. That is not to say, however, that “free” doesn’t have disadvantages for both the author and the Indie industry as a whole. Read More

The 5 Steps to Book Marketing 101 – Last month over 9 nine thousand books were published on Smashwords. That doesn’t include those published on Amazon or by the traditional publishing houses. It’s fairly safe to say that ten or so thousand people took the first step toward their dream of being a well-known author. As many authors discover, writing the book is easier than selling the book. Read More

Customer Service and Book Sales – Earlier in my professional career I held the position of Director of Client Services. My firm provides professional services related to investigations, auditing, and security consulting. In the Client Services role I was tasked with leading a team that provided management of a client’s various program component Read More

Is Your Novel Cinematic? Try a Video Book Promo – When I decided to launch the Writing in a Dead World blog I had an important goal in mind. I wanted to provide a service to fellow independent authors. It’s not that I have all the answers. In fact, the purpose was to help find the answers to questions many of us have about independent publishing. Read More

Author Website or Blog? – Allegedly writers need a social media presence in order to sell books. Of course the first rule of writers’ club is we never talk about writers’ club. So as an author I need a social media presence where I never ask you to read or otherwise buy my book…read more

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