On Writing & Opinions

Some people love to write. Some people love to discuss writing. And some of us love to do both. Beyond the rules of grammar and the agreements on plot, style, and mechanics there exist information learned through experience and information that is but one person’s opinion. This index provides links to articles on the subject of writing and on opinions related to the writing industry.

Writing Advice (In my opinion, of course)

There are 4 “C’s” in Simple – Last week was a busy writing week – but not in my world of fiction. The week ended with a deposition. That’s a legal term that describes the process where attorneys ask questions of witnesses. I don’t talk about my “day job” here (I have a professional blog for all of that), but I am an expert in my field (I’m being humble, I’m one of the foremost experts in my field.) As such, I served as an “expert witness” for the United States Government in a case…read more

Chapter One and DoneYour story isn’t being read because it is boring impatient readers~That’s the world we live in and it is a harsh truth that every writer must both understand and accept. There was a time when you might be able to enjoy fifteen minutes of fame, but the world moves faster – fame is measured in the six second intervals that we’re allowed on Vine videos…read more

Are you too smart to write fiction – People read fiction for enjoyment. The experience of going to another place or time and being drawn into a story. Fiction is not the same experience as say reading a textbook or Plato’s Republic. While we can certainly learn something about the world or ourselves on that journey and it may inspire …read more

Keeping up with the Bloggers – One of the most difficult activities for a self-published author is to keep up with their blog. Blog authors in general come and go because of life’s responsibilities or simply because over time they run out of things to say. When I started blogging a few years back with Nightmirrors, my intent was to talk about all things horror…read more

Fear and Phobia: A Writers Bread & Blood -I write dark fiction because I believe that the best examination of character occurs when a person is experiencing the worst of circumstances. Dark fiction is a place where we can make those circumstances pretty bad. It’s not that I necessarily want to “scare” my readers…read more

The Dangers of Writing in a Popular Genre (by co-host Tamara Morning) – Writing in a popular genre is hard.  Well, writing in a certain subset of a popular genre is hard.  When you write about something that everyone seems to know something about, there are a lot of expectations to overcome.  What if you’re writing about, say, vampires, for instance? Read More

Editing Lessons from Law School – My eldest son attends law school where he spends much of his time reading and writing. Legal writing interests me because I have spent much of my own career interacting with attorneys and reviewing legal documents. As a fiction writer I always seek the clearest words and sentences to convey my story. Legal writing, however, is something different… Read More

The Efficiency Obstacles of Self Editing – A decade ago surveys suggested that 80% of Americans planned to write a novel. The advent of e-publishing has offered many the opportunity to realize the dream. Unfortunately, just because you can self publish doesn’t mean that you should self published… Read More

 Purely Opinion

The One Thing an Author Should Never Do – This first part of this may sound judgmental, but it is not. Maybe more envy than anything else. You know those folks who see every interaction as an opportunity to promote their work? On Goodreads when someone is looking for an author to interview or a book to review, these writers swoop in and say, “pick me.” When I see that occur one part of me cringes thinking “well aren’t we sure of ourself,” but another part whispers…Read More

Sick of Hearing My Own Voice – If you’re a middle aged guy such as myself or perhaps one of those sexy leather jacket wearing girls I dated back in the early 80’s – and yes the scent of leather, cigarette smoke and Taboo perfume still brings back found memories – then you probably think Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven is the epic explanation of the meaning of life…Read More

Blogging and Match.com – People blog for a number of reasons. The three big ones appear to be – a marketing tactic for selling their book, journalistic aspirations or because they have passionate opinions they wish to share. Regardless of the cause or motivation, we bloggers share one thing in common…read more

Opinions are like…well you know…and everybody has one – An artist’s ego is a fragile thing. There is always a measure of doubt because the source of the work comes from the inside. Putting a piece of that “out there” to be “judged” is a difficult but noble task. Unless one is over-confident…read more

Authors Want Confirmation, Not Reviews – If you’ve reached to point in your writing where as you’ve pressed <Publish> my guess is that you believe that you have just released one of the best books “ever.” Regardless of the genre, your’s stand above the masses because it is well-written, smart, insightful and a host of other accolades that should…read more

The Introverted Writer – Once upon a time, a writer wrote and a publisher published. Some of the greatest writers were quiet and reserved. We only had the opportunity to know their thoughts because they shared them through the quiet solitude of writing. Consider H.P Lovecraft, the quiet and almost withdrawn father of horror…read more

The Good, the Bad, and the Expectations – Somewhere between the dream of a best-seller and the reality of the sales challenges that writers face, is the process of marketing. Whether trade published or independent, carving out a market share for our work is the most difficult and daunting of tasks…read more

Self Published – Am I a real author? Writers have egos. Ten years ago (maybe more or less) there were few ways in which a writer might become self-published. The most popular being the “vanity” press. Today, it’s a different world. Print on Demand, E-books, blogs, and websites provide many low cost avenues in which to publish one’s work. But writers still have egos. And those egos require validation…read more

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