Writers After Dark: Romance v Horror

Once upon a time I didn’t understand the whole “writers coalition” stuff—things like conferences, meet-ups, workshops, etc. Writing seemed a solitary endeavor and those “other” things a distraction. Then I wandered in to the blog world…and Good Reads. I discovered how much more enriching (and fun) the entire […]

Romance v Horror: Prelude to Battle

  Romance fans, they can’t imagine the attraction of Horror. Horror fans grow queasy over the endless pages of romantic entanglements. Neither side believes the other gets close to reality. An interesting dynamic, since both represent the base emotions of fear and attraction. Each, in their own way, […]

Motivation is Overrated

Inspiration has a flippant sister named Motivation. Sometimes she comes around, sometimes she doesn’t, and really who can blame her sporadic appearances? She does receive all the blame for the things left undone…or at least her absence does. I had motivation on my mind for the past couple […]

Inspiration and the Muse

People always ask writers the wrong question. They want to know “where do you get these story ideas?” And we respond with answers that we believe might make some sense to the non-writer. Answers, that we hope, don’t reveal the subtle lunacy of our thoughts. Responses that might […]