There are Four C’s in Simple

Last week was a busy writing week – but not in my world of fiction. The week ended with a deposition. That’s a legal term that describes the process where attorneys ask questions of witnesses. I don’t talk about my “day job” here (I have a professional blog […]

Good Intentions Make Bad Books

Let’s be honest. When most writers think of editing, they mean grammar, spelling and the occasional sentence that has gone astray. Those are mechanical issues that are easy to evaluate. When our stories are reviewed we can’t wait to hear how much the “reader” loved it. If we […]

Fear and Phobia: A Writers Bread & Blood

I write dark fiction because I believe that the best examination of character occurs when a person is experiencing the worst of circumstances. Dark fiction is a place where we can make those circumstances pretty bad.  It’s not that I necessarily want to “scare” my readers, that’s an […]

Self Published – Am I a real author?

Writers have egos. Ten years ago (maybe more or less) there were few ways in which a writer might become self-published. The most popular being the “vanity” press. Today, it’s a different world. Print on Demand, E-books, blogs, and websites provide many low cost avenues in which to […]

Don’t Write That!

Horror fans, be it books or films, are some of the most difficult people to please. Most “non-horror” folks rely on misconceived perceptions of the genre to shelve it under, “I don’t like all that blood and guts stuff.” Which is what horror is and which, of course, […]