On Being a Terrible Blogger

They say—and honestly, I don’t know who “they” are, but everyone seems to think “they” are wise—that as a writer, your blog should have both purpose and formula. In other words, as the writer/blogger, I’m not just here to “talk.” I am here to gain something. I believe […]

A mile in their shoes

I’m an opinionated guy, but I can keep my ego in-check long enough to willingly admit, that like most people, emotion can be the platform from which I jump to conclusions. I do, however, make it a practice to “step outside” myself and rationally and reasonably evaluate those […]

A Writer’s Power to Change the World

We may think it’s hyperbole when a person says, “I love that book.” Many believe “love” is something reserved for human interactions—with the noted exception of animals and pets. We understand, or think we understand, that loving a book or a movie isn’t the same as loving a […]

On Being a Rebel and a Writer

Would I sell out to traditional publishing? Hmm, if there were a decent payday…I might. Although I’d probably hate it. They have rules. They have practices of acceptability…that’s PRACTICES OF ACCEPTABILITY (turn up nose, place hand lovingly on Miss Primm’s Snobbish Guide  To Acceptable Behavior for Authors.) In […]

The Elevation of Elocution

Every writer speaks two versions of their native language. Every reader understands two versions of their native language. One is our written language, the other is spoken. Often the things that sound beautiful in our mind, sound awkward on our tongue. As a writer, I think of written […]