It’s Not You, It’s Me

Travel, sports cars, fine dining, and beautiful counter-agents aside, the downside to being an undercover operative is it often takes you away from blogging. Okay, so maybe I’m making that up, but not all of it—I’m sure undercover operatives have little time for blogging—just the part about me […]

Heads I Win…Tails You Lose

So here’s a surprise: Exclusive, one-sided contracts lead to disappointment. Lately you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an article about the disappointment authors are experiencing with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Well not all authors…just Indie Authors. If you’re not familiar with the Kindle program, I’ll give […]

Early Reflections of Fatherhood

My wife and I have a blended family — her three daughters, my two sons that became our five children. Whenever I consider bitchin’ about my day, I simply and fondly recall raising five teens and my complaints magically disappear. We have, for the most part, successfully launched […]

3 Things That Will Un-Do You Every Time

A well-known secret of success is the acceptance that failure is often an initial ingredient. Students of success stories invariably come upon the maxims “try and try again,” and “there is no failure except the failure to try.” It almost makes failure sound like a good thing. One […]

2014: The Lessons of Effortlessness

In the American culture we have an ideal—Hard work is the secret to success. We are a society that prides itself on this ideal. “Busy” is a good thing. “Multi-tasking” a talent. Long work weeks a badge of honor. “Working vacations” are a sign of dedication. We even […]

Willpower: It’s Not What You Think

With just a little over 7 weeks remaining in the year, many people are loath to give thought to all the shiny resolutions they made last January—well at least the one’s we conveniently forgot around March. But, let bygones be bygones I say. Why bother lamenting—the past is […]