The New Writing In A Dead World

Writers tend to have diverse interests. As an author, a writer may choose a particular genre from which to construct his or her stories—mine lean toward Dark Fiction—but as a blogger most writers have many topics, thoughts, and ideas that fascinate and that could make their way to […]

Autumn Won

Autumn Won I never understood celebrating the new year on the 1st of January. I’m not alone, once upon a time, the new year began on my birthday—April 1st. Fitting, I think, I mean it is all about ME isn’t? Sill, I don’t care much for celestial positioning […]

Amazon v Hachette: An Indie Perspective

Let’s be honest for a few minutes. There are two types of self-published authors(SPAs). In the first group are those who enjoy the spirit of “going it on their own.” Authors who want to write and publish and who place little value on the affirmations of a “publisher.” […]

7 Reasons Free eBooks Hurt the Industry

  Free eBooks appear as an excellent tool to introduce a new author, build a reader audience, and obtain reviews. In fact this practice has, over the past three years, become the primary marketing tool for Indie Authors. “Free” however can create economic issues for an industry and […]