Being an Indie Author: How hard can it be?

Once upon a time an author needed a notebook, pen, a dictionary, and a typewriter. Those are, after all, the critical tools of a writer. Today it’s a little different and many times, when asked—how’s the writing coming along—the answer is a bit complicated although most Indie writers […]

10 Things Every Indie Author Learns

  Once upon a time an author was an amazing, respected and mostly private person. To be an author required a rite of passage that included a degree in English (or language of origin) and a journey of acceptance through an agent and a publisher. When they put […]

Frantic Behavior and Why I Like the Jackson 5

If you’re involved in the book publishing world, be it as author or support service, you have probably noticed that these are very exciting times filled with dramatic changes. With any change comes predictions, speculations, manic highs, depressing lows, and general increases in anxiety. Certainly there is no, […]

Stress=Writer’s Block=Stress

  Stress and its dangerous physical effects are not a new topic. We know that high levels of stress increase the risk of heart attacks, lead to high blood pressure, ruin the immune system, and generally interrupt the ability to find pleasure in life. Recent research demonstrates how […]

Ratings, Reviews, and Reader Rants

  The one thing independent publishing has provided the industry is a torrent of discussions on reviews. Everything from “does a free book impact the review” to “is there any truth in 5 star ratings.” It’s on this last topic that I shall opine. Some readers contend that […]

Comment: Deleted

  Honestly my greatest concern with the A to Z challenge wasn’t over keeping the pace. Like every blogger, the real challenge is coming up with the next idea or topic, so when you run down 26 of them you can’t help but lament over the idea that […]