Publishing News and Numbers


The publishing world has changed more in the last five years than it has in the last one hundred. Today’s author needs to keep current on the news and numbers that affect the distribution of his or her written works.

This page is an index of articles written on the publishing industry ~

Audio Books – Is Anyone Listening – Audio stories for me are like the smell of chocolate chip cookies – they remind me of the simpler days of my youth. Of course growing up in the 70’s (which was ages 4 to 14 for me) we didn’t have audio books. What we did have was about 5 television stations until I was in 6th grade when we got this thing called “cable” (that added at least 12 more stations to the 5 we had – it also added a big plastic box with white buttons that connected to the television by a thick brown wire – sorry another story) Read More

Smashwords Survey – The Infographic on the latest trends in eBooks – Numbers every Indie Author should know – Read More

5 Things That Can Kill Self-Publishing – The numbers on self-publishing are not clear. The best guess is that self-published books account for 5% of the total book market share. That is hardly a “ground swell” for a new age. So why all the hype and hope? Why the belief that self-publishing is the “way of the future?” There are probably several reasons.  Read More

Censorship: Goodreads Gone Bad? – If you’re not active on Good Reads then you missed last week’s fallout over changes to their review/book shelf policy. The issue was big enough to make its way into an article in the Washington Post. And like most regulations, it was met with passionate arguments, outrage, and support. Read More

Professional Editors – Not Keeping Pace with the Indie Market – I have never lacked an opinion on most topics. In my youth I tended to speak my mind without consideration as to whether my statement might hurt a person’s feelings or upset the delicate balance of an individual’s protected world view. In time, I learned to be more diplomatic in my responses and through my executive career I learned that it is best to say things in a style from which people can hear…Read More

Censorship, Branding, and the Indie Issue -It seems that many writers are having difficulty in understanding censorship. If you’ve missed the latest news, UK bookseller WH Smith was recently embarrassed by the media when it publicly discovered that its on-line bookstore contained titles not suitable for the family reading hour. Most of these “offensive” titles were fed… Read More

What’s Wrong with Indie Bookstores – Although the term “Indie” derives from the word independent, its use means more than simply self-governing. The “Indie” sub-culture of the music, film and books, includes those producing artistic works and doing so outside of, or perhaps in spite of, the corporate commercial gatekeepers. Indie is not just about “going it alone” or “keeping all the profits.”…Read More

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