Self Publishing 101


Self-publishing has vastly changed since the days of vanity press. Today’s authors have at their fingers a multitude of options and processes. Traversing the choices is often the different between spending too much or just the right amount of money. Making the correct choices is a matter of preferences, goals and available monetary resources.

This section provides links to articles on self or independent publishing based on experience and opinion. For a better look at some of my personal experiences and mistakes check out my series – The 5 Mistakes I Made with My First Novel

Self-Publishing 101 Articles:

Understanding the Self-Publishing Process – the process can seem complicated with many options – read this basic primer.

To Print or Not to Print – Many Authors “test” the waters with just an eBook. But what if success requires a paperback?

The 5 Mistakes I Made with My First Novel  – A five part series on the lessons I learned from my early mistakes

Part One: The 5 Mistakes

Part Two – A self-editor be not be

Part Three – Good Intentions Make Bad Books

Part Four – Cover Art: Every Picture Tells a Story

Part Five – Price Matters


Right That Novel – A multi-part series dedicated to motivational techniques for starting and finishing your novel

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