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Name Thy Chapters

 Name Thy Chapter – Part 9 of the Right that Novel Series A writer must do some things for his reader, she must do some things in the name of marketing, and some things are just required for the craft. For example, if you are penning fiction you […]

Are You Too Smart to Write Fiction?

People read fiction for enjoyment. The experience of going to another place or time and being drawn into a story. Fiction is not the same experience as say reading a textbook or Plato’s Republic. While we can certainly learn something about the world or ourselves on that journey […]

An Object in Motion

  An Object in Motion – Part 4 of Right that Novel!   A law in physics states that “an object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force.” This is true of human actions as well. 40% of your […]

Nothing Happens for a Reason

 Nothing Happens for a Reason (Part 3 of Right That Novel) They say that “everything happens for a reason.” Perhaps that is true, but in my experience many things happen for no reason at all – they just happen. Or at least they happen through forces we never […]

There are Four C’s in Simple

Last week was a busy writing week – but not in my world of fiction. The week ended with a deposition. That’s a legal term that describes the process where attorneys ask questions of witnesses. I don’t talk about my “day job” here (I have a professional blog […]