A Writer’s Public Journey

Basketball coach, John Wooden wrote: It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts. It’s the greatest of temptations to believe our experience has made us wise, to marvel at our knowledge, to claim the mantle of “expert.” Writers can’t submit to those temptations or […]

The Digital Age: Redefining Real

Once upon a time, the only people we would ever meet or really come to know, were those who lived in the places we lived. Relationships were limited by geography. Much like it still is in Rhode Island (LOL) The digital age, or better stated, the age of […]

Those Crazy Internet Memes

Those Internet-Facebook Memes…sometimes we love them—when they are funny, snarky or insightful. And sometimes…well…you just shake your head and think, “please don’t generalize just because you’re dating a loser.” If I thought it to be necessary, I might be able to assemble a reasonable list of behaviors a […]


Reviews—writers love them and hate them in equal measure. Reviews share many things in common with Christmas presents…or birthday presents. On the surface, they are an exciting prospect and just getting one is a joyful experience—that exhilarating moment between knowing you’ve received one and actually reading the reader’s […]