A Writer’s Public Journey

Basketball coach, John Wooden wrote: It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts. It’s the greatest of temptations to believe our experience has made us wise, to marvel at our knowledge, to claim the mantle of “expert.”

Writers can’t submit to those temptations or embrace such claims. Our journey is public. The evidence of improvement laid out in the history of our words. A writer worth reading knows…insists…demands…that the next written piece must be better than the last. Writers must be agents of change A writer must be a proponent of self-growth. A writer’s most important mantra is: I can do better.

I learned as much from my first blog, Nightmirrors, as I did from my first book. The Nightmirrors blog helped me discover the topics I was most interested in writing. And with that discovery came the conclusion that I wished to start over, here, at Writing in a Dead World. But I also realized that the “writing” represented only a small part of the experience. The community of opinions and insights provided the real value and so it was my goal to share the blog with other writers and readers.

Things, however, change and it has oft been my experience that we ultimately reach our goal BUT by way of paths, we never considered. Embracing that is what Coach Wooden meant about learning after we know it all.


So change has arrived again.


Today, S.K Anthony and I announce our new website and blog – www.writersafterdark.net

And as the Welcome page promises, it is a place dedicated to the craft of writing. A site filled with writers’ resources curated from our extensive research (e.g. web surfing), how-to vids, industry news, notices of events, contests, and plenty more.

You can learn all about it in our Launch video or of course…just visit the site www.writersafterdark.net