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Why such diverse topics? Well start here to understand.

Wit without Wisdom

Some days I think the world has gone crazy. Some times I just have a really snarky opinion about current events. Some times hateful, angry people just need to be called out. If ever there was a reason to un-follow me, this would be the category most likely to inspire such. But understand, I don’t judge and I don’t hate and my purpose is not to offend…I just find certain topics require I speak my mind…so proceed at risk to your fragile beliefs and sensibilities.

On Writing

On writing

I’m a writer and author, so of course i want to talk about writing.

Info in Pics

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Sometimes the best way to see all the information is to summarize it into a pictorial. Info in Pics is all about infographics and images that say a lot in a very little space.


Life is Funny

Life is Funny
I was going with “half-full” for this category. Articles and pictures that are inspiring, positive and up-lifting…but it occurred to me that what is more positive that something that makes us smile. There is plenty of things in the world to smile about, no shortage of ways to poke fun at ourselves, or to just say kind things to others. That’s what you’ll find here.


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I love horror. You can read all about that in my biography. And I devoted a lot of time to that pursuit on my original nightmirrors blog. In this category you’ll find both new stuff and some of the old stuff that i loved and is worth reposting – movies, books, pics, commentary…if it’s about horror, it will be here.

Blogger Insights


There are so many smart, insightful and opinionated bloggers out there. They have important things to say and some of the topics I want to discuss are best served by discussing it with another blogger. This series features discussions with other bloggers I find interesting and who have an opinion on a topic that interests me….and hopefully you.


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Independent and small-press authors are a brave bunch. They love writing so much they are willing to put in all the hard work to bring their ideas to print. And the talent pool of independents is large, diverse and growing. I think they deserve a place to discuss them and their passions.


As an author, marketing executive, and obsessive researcher I need a place to share everything I have learned and will learn. The category is an IMO advice section.



Our world moves at the speed of light. There is a lot going on and Trending captures my thoughts and research on current events that are top of mind.

Blog Caster

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Sometimes a topic is better discussed through a video or podcast.

Jung’s Sofa

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Psychology was my first passion and continues to be so. The sofa is everything from motivation, discussion on habits, the psychology of writing and any topic touched upon by the psychology profession.