The World of Nightmirrors

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I love horror and dark fiction. I love writing it as much as I love discussing it. It is difficult for me to contain my creativity and I often find myself involved in many projects related to horror, writing, blogging and discussing all of the above with readers and authors.

I also tend to enjoy organizing things, which is why my blog menu had to be an index guide for everything I post – categories weren’t satisfying. When it comes to my horror projects, I place it all under the umbrella of Nightmirrors. Nightmirrors is my world of creativity and my website…and a blog.

At my Nightmirrors website you can find all of my creative endeavors links to my books and one of my favorite pet-projects Graveyard Radio – audio versions of my favorite short stories.

I am always working on several creative projects alongside my novel writing – Here is the place you can find all those things.