Writing in a Dead World

There are thousands of blogs dedicated to the topic of writing so why begin another?

Writing in a Dead World is for those of us, who against our better judgement, find our efforts and passions drawn to the worlds of Dark Fiction. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, psychos, and monsters are the things that find center stage in our thoughts and our work. Like all genre’s there are as many “bad” and cliched stories as there are the well-written and truly horrifying. It’s a play on words to call this blog, Writing in a Dead World. We love our dead things, but even our beloved genre can feel a bit like a corpse. Our readers have interest, but the publishing world and by default, the commercial bookshelves appear to have little space for our creatures.

This blog is one part opinion, one part experience, and one part fact – but it is all about the writing, publishing and marketing experiences of a Dark Fiction writer (also known as Horror). I prefer the term, “Dark Fiction” because I think it speaks more truthfull of the large categories and styles of work that “fit” into the genre and removes the confines of the term “Horror.” Hopefully you, the Dark Fiction writers and enthusiasts, will find a community of ideas, suggestions, and experiences that will help our genre grow and will assist you in your own quest to share your dark words with the public.

It is my hope that other authors will join me on this blog. That we can create a place with many opinions and ideas on understanding and improving the world of dark fiction. If you’re interested in posting more than just comments, then please contact me at [email protected] and I’ll add you to the author list.