Those Crazy Internet Memes

Those Internet-Facebook Memes…sometimes we love them—when they are funny, snarky or insightful. And sometimes…well…you just shake your head and think, “please don’t generalize just because you’re dating a loser.”

If I thought it to be necessary, I might be able to assemble a reasonable list of behaviors a man should consider in forging strong character. I’d probably start with something such as a reminder that, “Character is who we are, when we believe no one is watching.” I’d most certainly throw in “The Golden Rule,” you know, “do on to others.” I’d even most likely pull from the Ten Commandments—not for religious purposes, but because they are as much rules for good character as they are a spiritual doctrine.

The one thing I would not do—I would not poll 17 year girls (or those with zero track-records of happy relationships) to assist in defining “Real Men.” And yet…the internet is littered with these disguised Cries For Help. And…as a real man…they leave me sounding like that old lady from those insurance commercials—that’s not how any of this works!!!

There’s hardly room in the Facebook comments section to reply to these things with the full force of all my snarky thoughts. Consequently, SK Anthony and myself decided Memes definitely deserved our personal brand of analysis and commentary. A little comparison between the neurotic “Real Men” diatribes and the ones that speak, comically, but truthfully, about the nature of mature relationships.

So sit back and join us on a little ten-minute journey as Writers After Dark explores Those Crazy Internet Memes.